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User Manual

Thanks for your purchase from GLoMats. For best performance and safety purposes, please read this manual carefully before using your GLoMat.


The GLoMat is a stepping-stone to help everyone play better at night. Whether you are enjoying yoga, camping, music festivals or even going to the beach you can light up your night with GLoMats.

We cannot wait to see the amazing pictures you will take using GLoMats! Get creative and post your favorite GLoMat pictures @lightupyougamat. Remember to have fun and tag #GLoMat and #lightupyogamat.

GLoMat Part List

  • GLoMat
  • Battery Pack (Right Pouch)
  • USB Cable (Right Pouch)
  • Remote and Instruction Manual (Left Pouch)
  • Charging Cable (Left Pouch)

GLoMat Specifications

  • 68’x24x 6mm
  • Textured Grip
  • PVC Material completely free of Latex, 6P, DEHP, DBP and other phthalates 
  • 20 Different Colors & 9 Different Modes
  • Storage Pouch for wires and remote
  • Eco-Friendly & Recycled Materials
  • Rechargeable battery lasting 3+ Hours depending on setting


How To Turn On GLoMat

  1. Lay out GLoMat.
  2. Unzip right side of the GLoMat pouch. Locate Battery Pack and USB cable inside pouch pocket. Turn on Battery Pack by pressing the power button. LED light will appear. If LED light does not appear, please refer to Battery Pack Charging Instructions.
  3. Plug in USB Cable to Battery Pack while keeping it stored in pouch pocket.
  4. Unzip left GLoMat pouch. Locate Remote in pouch pocket and press red power button to turn on GLoMat. Feel free to adjust color, speed, and brightness. Refer to remote instructions for further details.
  5. Once you are finished with your GLoMat, simply unplug USB Cable to Battery Pack. To charge Battery Pack refer to Battery Pack Charging instructions.
  6. Carefully roll up GLoMat for storage, pouch 1st. Refer to cleaning and care tips to properly clean and roll up GLoMat. Do not roll up the GLoMat very tight. The 1st wrap should be loose.

Battery Pack Charging Instructions

To Charge: Remove Battery Pack from right pouch pocket. Locate Charging Cable in left pouch pocket. Connect Battery Pack to Charging Cable. To charge, plug Charging Cable into outlet or computer.

Power On: Press power button located on back of Battery Pack. LED indicator will light up. Battery pack will power off automatically if it is not charging within 30 seconds. 

Power Off: The battery pack will turn off automatically after it is finished charging. 

Cleaning & Care

Spot clean with a damp cloth, cold water and mild detergent. Dry flat. We recommend storing your mat rolled up standing vertically. To roll up your mat properly, start rolling with pouch side. Carefully roll up GLoMat. DO NOT roll up tightly. Remember, this is an electrical device, please use with care.


The GloMat is an electrical device use with care. Avoid damp environments. Do not let the battery over heat. Use the GLoMat indoors.

Do not use GLoMat in hot yoga classes due to risk of over heating. If you do use the GLoMat in warm environments please take out battery pack from pouch pocket.

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