We took the Yoga Mat on a little trip...

And brought it back with a few new tricks!

GloMats feature patent pending designs and features, making them useful in or out of the studio.  Take them anywhere you go for an illuminated experience!

Set the lights to:

Fade through a timed meditation

Flash to set the pace of a workout routine

Strobe with music at a festival

Set the mood with any color or brightness

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Storage - On the Go!

Ever lose your wallet after a yoga class in the park?  Lose your keys next to the towel at the beach?  Tired of carrying so much stuff around in your pockets, or are you wearing comfy yoga pants that don't have pockets?  By adding a removable storage compartment to the mat, we've made it practical and versatile!  

When you want it...or don't:

Easy to remove and re-attach

Fit your wallet, keys, phone, and even a drink or towel!

Soft and supportive, its the perfect head-rest when laying out!

Compact and efficient, it rolls up perfectly inside your mat

Water resistant so it protects your things and is easy to clean

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An Extra Spark!

All GloMats come with re-chargeable, portable battery banks!  Not only can they light up the night, they can charge up your phones or portable speakers!  Even more - if anyone in your crew has a spare you and use any power bank with the same output rating to keep your mat going as long as you!

Power up the Party:

10,000 mAh battery to last 6+ hours

Upgrade to an extended or waterproof battery

Use your mat to re-charge your phone

Or plug into a portable speaker to keep the music going

Re-charge with any standard 5v 2.4 amp battery bank!

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Most Importantly - A premium, beautiful yoga mat

We use only the best quality materials to ensure a comfortable and durable surface for any occasion.   The LED's are integrated with patent pending designs so you won't feel them and they don't interrupt your practice.

The only mat you'll need!

Low-elasticity for a stable foundation

5 mm thick for extra comfort

Textured for extra grip

Eco-friendly / durable material

Closed cell structure stays clean

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